"Another powerful book from a dynamic teacher capable of making the most complicated subjects very simple and understandable. Tim has 'the gift'!"

“A dynamic minister of the Gospel.”
“A living testimony of the mighty healing power of Jesus Christ.”

Tim Greenwood is the founder and president of Tim Greenwood Ministries, reaching people everywhere with the good news of Jesus the Christ.
   After being supernaturally healed of terminal heart disease, Tim preaches and teaches the Body of Christ to walk by faith and not by sight.  The devil meant to kill Tim, but now he is doing major damage to the devil's kingdom. His powerful book "Walking In Faith," has been read in over 200 nations of the world and has been sown into the lives of more than 77,000 individuals around the world. Tim's powerful healing testimony has been featured on podcasts, radio and television on programs including Kenneth Copeland's, "Believers Voice of Victory."
As ordained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Tim and Marcia have also authored a total of nine books. They both preach and teach the Word of God by invitation across the United States in Christian churches and organizations and have produced countless articles, audios and videos on Christian topics, many of which can be found on their website: www.tgm.org.

By primarily focusing on the God kind of love, and the God kind of faith, Tim and Marcia help people receive and retain physical, mental and emotional healing by faith through his personal testimony of rapid incremental healing from terminal heart disease.
We’re teaching thousands to reach millions, while providing principles that you can use and applications that make a difference.

Tim Greenwood Ministries, PO Box 1904, Arcadia, CA 91077
626-755-7276 voice or text

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