Royal Ancestors of Tim Greenwood

2 Emperors

Roman Emperor CHARLEMAGNE Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Roman Emperor Louis I (the Pious)

29 Kings

King Aedh of Argyll Find King of Scots
King Alfred the Great of England The Saxon King
King Alpin of Kintyre, King of Scotland
King Charles II (the Bald) of FRANCE
King Constantine II, King of Scotland
King Donald II of Alba King of Scotland
King Donald III King of Scotland
King Duncan I King of Scotland
King Eochaid Argyll King of Scots
King Eochaidh III of Argyll MACECHDACH King of Scots
King Eochaidh of Argyll, MACECHDACH King of Scots
King Fulk D'ANJOU Vice Count & King of Jerusalem
King Henry of FRANCE
King Henry II CURMANTLE of England
King Hugh Capet of FRANCE
King Kenneth I McALPIN King of Scotland
King Kenneth II of Alba King of Scotland
King Louis II of GERMANY
King Malcom I of Alba King of Scotland
King Malcom II of Alba, King of Scotland
King Olave I of Isle of Man
King Pippin II of the Franks the Short
King Robert I of FRANCE of West Francia
King Robert II of FRANCE
King Robert II (the Pious or the Wise) Capet of FRANCE
King Somerled Regulus of the Isles
King William (the Conquer) of England Duke of Normandy

1 Queen

Queen Matilda BEAUCLERC Empress of England

1 Prince and 6 Princesses

Prince Hugh (the Great) Capet of FRANCE Duke of France
Princess Adela of Flanders and England
Princess Alfrith daughter of Alfred the Great
Princess Elizabeth of England
Princess Hedwiga of GERMANY
Princess Judith daughter of Charles, the Bald, King of Aguitania and Neustrie
Princess Ragnhildis of Man

10 Counts/Countesses

Count Baldwin V of Flanders
Countess Eva MORMAER of Buchan
Vice Count Geoffrey PLANTAGENET of Anjou & Maine
Count Hugh of VERMANDOIS
Countess Isobel of MEULAN
Countess Margaret of Buchan
Countess Maud of Angus
Count Robert of Worms
Count Robert (Rutpert) (the Strong) of Anjou
Count William I (the Liberator) of Provence & Arles

3 Dukes

Duke Robert (Rodbert) (Chrodobert) of Hesbaye

16 Knights

Sir Hugh le Bigod
Sir Hugh (Hugo) FORSTER Governor of Etherstone Castle
Sir Hugo (Hughe) FORSTER Governor of Etherstone
Sir Humphrey de Berkeley
Sir John FORSTER Knight
Sir Phillip de Kyme 1st Lord Kyme
Sir Randolph FORSTER
Sir Reginal FORSTER Governor of Etherstone Castle
Sir Reginald FORSTER Knight
Sir Reginald FORSTER
Sir Richard FORSTER of Flanders and Scotland
Sir Richard FORSTER Knight
Sir Thomas Forster the Grey Knight
Sir William De Elmendon
Sir William FORSTER
Sir William RIDDELL of Tilmouth, Knight